Caffè Shakerato

2013-07-18 av Iain Hay.

azimuth:218.912567||elevation:-35.024010||horizon:1.547246This summer as the temperature rises and the sun is giving us all that Mediterranean feeling, I invite you to come down to Enoteket and partake of a particularly Italian pleasure:

Sit yourself down in our little ”piazza” by the gushing waters, watch the folks going by and sip on a Caffè Shakerato, Italy’s answer to all the chilled and frozen coffee drinks that dot the market place.

Simple in preparation and presentation, this is a delicious, chilled espresso, sweetened and shaken to a light, foamy beverage perfect for those moments of summer contemplation. Served either in it’s original non-alcoholic form, our spiked with a shot of grappa or your favourite liqueur, the result is always pleasing.

So, come visit and enjoy some sweet Italian moments with us…


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Behind the Bar: A New Fizz

2013-07-17 av Iain Hay.

photoIn 1922 Stephen Poplawski invented something we now take for granted in every bar, the blender. Apart from that, not very much has happened regarding the tools that a bartender works with since the first day one man stood behind a horizontal plank of wood and handed another man something to drink; until now..

Exploring the world of molecular mixology, I have recently invested in a new bar toy that allows me to do interesting things with some classic ingredients: Previously if you wanted a fizzy drink you had to add something with fizz, thereby diluting the mixture. Not anymore. I invite you to come and visit me at the Enoteket bar and try a wonderful new twist on and old classic: The Carbonated Negroni

I do not wish to detract from the original drink, which is one of the (in my opinion) best mixes ever concocted, but my little twist gives it a light, fresh mouth-feel while still allowing the premium brand gin and vermouth to shine.

Why not come and take a seat on our little patio one of these sunny evenings, order up a Carbonated Negroni, and drift away on the soft bubbles to a lazy, happy place?..

Welcome to the bar!

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