In Praise of Premium Cocktails

2013-06-11 av Iain Hay.

ImageIn this day and age of enlightened shopping, of searching among the available produce for those slightly better ingredients for the next family meal at home, of quizzing the waiter before ordering, of matching wine and food and delightfully discovering how fantastic it can be when one gets it right, I find it interesting how little thought is usually given to what the bartender may be pouring in your glass; the spirit base in a mixed drink or cocktail is so often rated only by the alcoholic effect it will give the consumer, and so seldom by the taste experience it will contribute.

Price is of course important, and I am not advocating pouring your precious bottle of Louis XIII into the afternoon punch bowl (but should any of you wish to try this I will gladly pop by for a sip or two!), but it can be amazing what happens to a drink when you take a couple of steps up from the cheapest available hooch!

This summer I am tweaking the Strawberry Daiquiri (among others), and the ingredients are simple:

4 x cl of premium 12 year old dark rum (I know, I know!)

2 x cl Crème de fraise liqueur

Juice of 1 lime (pressed to order)

1 x dash sugar syrup (home made)

3 or 4 fantastic Swedish strawberries (choose the best)

Crushed ice

It will cost a little bit more, but I promise you will notice the difference

Welcome to the bar or try it at home


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