Behind the Bar: Scotch Corner

2012-11-11 av Iain Hay.

One of the strange things about being a Scottish bartender living in Sweden is that, even now some 17 years down the line, so many of my guests choose to speak English with me rather than Swedish.

I have always found it a rather humbling experience to live in a country where most people my age and younger speak my language better than I speak their’s, despite the fact that I have lived here many years and they have maybe never visited my country!

Okay, so you grow up with English as a standard subject at school, and the powers-that-be have the good sense not to dub television; none the less I feel a mildly embarrassed smile creeping to my lips every time a Swede apologizes to me for for speaking such bad English.

Where is all this leading?, I sense you wondering…. Well, in a Swedish town, there is an Italian restaurant, that just got a Scotch corner; don’t blame me, you asked for it! 🙂

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